{ place_id:134, title:("This is where the blue touch paper carnival starts and finishes."), lat:"51.065220", lng: "-0.323753", image: "images/medium/carnival_begins_and_ends_here_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeIbDVG1YKg&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:133, title:("This isn't just a tree, this is where the beer tent will be, yeah good one!"), lat:"51.066151", lng: "-0.324526", image: "images/medium/beer_boys_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2RX9A9d4M4&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:132, title:("This is where the information point is."), lat:"51.066071", lng: "-0.325277", image: "images/medium/Sparks_in_the_Park_with_BTP_Carnival_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt12c8saEqw&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:131, title:("You can go under the trees if its hot, or if it rains, in The Pavillions."), lat:"51.066422", lng: "-0.324204", image: "images/medium/paviliions_leisure_centre_here_to_get_in_from_the_rain_and_toilets_.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcAvEI6R-ZE&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:130, title:("This is where the stage is, you can find all the performers here, all the fun and all the announcements."), lat:"51.066219", lng: "-0.324676", image: "images/medium/you_can_park_in_the_park_at_Sparks_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiknSpFQMoI&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:129, title:("This is a good spot for the dragon and to watch the parade."), lat:"51.067749", lng: "-0.328002", image: "images/medium/a_quiet_part_of_the_park2_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtxbpRRWUJQ&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:128, title:("This is a sports, you can play football and have a kick it."), lat:"51.068012", lng: "-0.327262", image: "images/medium/sports_area_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2CbKQb121w&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:127, title:("If its wet and squidgie and muddy on the grass, use the path (that alright?)."), lat:"51.067184", lng: "-0.328163", image: "images/medium/into_the_park_a_bit_bumpy_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz9tIl-NT-g&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:126, title:("You can park here for free or drive through to the park, (is that alright?)."), lat:"51.067142", lng: "-0.328689", image: "images/medium/into_the_carpark.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDGN2bZspTA&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:125, title:("Cafe, loo and drinks, just over there."), lat:"51.065289", lng: "-0.324011", image: "images/medium/The_dragon_procession_comes_along_here_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG9PFm02OQE&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:124, title:("Sparks in the Parks is a fun day out for families to come and enjoy themselves and their friends."), lat:"51.065861", lng: "-0.323925", image: "images/medium/Sparks_in_the_Park_with_BTP_Carnival_2.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A9XND8m3uU&feature=player_embedded", type:"video" },{ place_id:123, title:("

Remember, you can only use the toilets in The Conservatory cafe if you are a paying customer! Good excuse to buy a yummy cake if you ask us!

"), lat:"51.064972", lng: "-0.323657", image: "images/medium/You_can_use_the_toilet_in_the_cafe_if_you_are_a_customer.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:122, title:("

There will be a special car park made in the park so there will be plently of places to park the car! Access this overflow car park through North Parade car park.

"), lat:"51.066914", lng: "-0.328002", image: "images/medium/you_can_park_in_the_park_at_Sparks.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:121, title:("

The massive dragon float needs to squeeze down this path...the Map Factor team hopes it will make it through! If you are standing here, make sure you stand well back.

"), lat:"51.065639", lng: "-0.324301", image: "images/medium/The_dragon_procession_comes_along_here.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:120, title:("

There is lots of food and drink to choose from at The Conservatory cafe.

"), lat:"51.064884", lng: "-0.323818", image: "images/medium/The_Conservatory_Cafe.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:119, title:("

This area of the park will be filled with fun sports to try! You may even find one that you have never tried before.

"), lat:"51.067326", lng: "-0.325642", image: "images/medium/sports_area.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:118, title:("

Sparks in the Park is and event for EVERYONE! Bring your mum, dad, brothers, sisters, and even your dog!

"), lat:"51.065701", lng: "-0.324708", image: "images/medium/sparks_in_the_parks_for_all_the_family.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:117, title:("

Sparks in the Park is a busy, fun outdoor event. There is lots to see and do, so make sure you allow plenty of time to get round the whole park in time for the procession at 4pm!

"), lat:"51.066746", lng: "-0.326285", image: "images/medium/Sparks_in_the_Park_with_BTP_Carnival.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:116, title:("

Watch out! The entrance to the park from the North Parade car park is a bit bumpy underfoot!

"), lat:"51.066010", lng: "-0.325127", image: "images/medium/into_the_park_a_bit_bumpy.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:115, title:("

It can be a long day so make sure you do like Paul and sit down for a relax and a cuppa!

"), lat:"51.064789", lng: "-0.324311", image: "images/medium/Early_morning_snarl_from_Paul.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:114, title:("

Drive this way to use the North Parade car park. Like the other car park around, parking is free on a Sunday.

"), lat:"51.067013", lng: "-0.328732", image: "images/medium/drive_into_the_North_Parade_Car_park_here___parking_is_free_on_a_Sunday.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:113, title:("

The carnival parade starts and finishes here.

"), lat:"51.065449", lng: "-0.323818", image: "images/medium/carnival_begins_and_ends_here.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:112, title:("

There will be a beer tent right HERE!

"), lat:"51.066315", lng: "-0.324891", image: "images/medium/beer_tent_will_be_here.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:111, title:("

There will be lots of places to buy a drink around. Why not have a bite to eat here too?

"), lat:"51.067917", lng: "-0.326135", image: "images/medium/beer_boys.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:110, title:("

This is another quiet spot if you need to escape the crowds. If it is nice out, lay out a blanket and have your picnic here!

"), lat:"51.067108", lng: "-0.327841", image: "images/medium/a_quiet_part_of_the_park2.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:109, title:("

If you need some peace and quiet, then come to this side of the park. It is much less busy and you will have a great view of the parade from here!

"), lat:"51.068321", lng: "-0.327637", image: "images/medium/a_quiet_part_of_the_park.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:108, title:("

There are plenty of toilets around. Pop into the Pavillions in the Park or visit the many Porta-Loo's at the opposite side of the park.

"), lat:"51.066273", lng: "-0.324311", image: "images/medium/a_pee_in_the_pavillions__left__or_in_the_portaloo__right_.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:107, title:("

The Conservatory Cafe has seating outside so you can enjoy a cup of tea outside.

"), lat:"51.064953", lng: "-0.323882", image: "images/medium/A_nice_cuppa_outside_the_Conservatory_Cafe.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:106, title:("

This path is lined with trees and benches so is a tight squeeze to get down. Try walking another way.

"), lat:"51.065983", lng: "-0.325030", image: "images/medium/Narrow_Road.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:105, title:("

Meet here if you are taking part in the procession.

"), lat:"51.065674", lng: "-0.323646", image: "images/medium/Line_Up_b.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:104, title:("

Lots of choice here at the food stands!

"), lat:"51.067039", lng: "-0.325867", image: "images/medium/Food_and_Drink_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:103, title:("

There is a cafe here too at the Pavillions in the Park.

"), lat:"51.066536", lng: "-0.323560", image: "images/medium/Food_and_Drink_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:102, title:("

Lots of yummy food for sale here at The Conservatory cafe!

"), lat:"51.065235", lng: "-0.323828", image: "images/medium/Food_and_Drink.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:101, title:("

There are lots of benches around the park if you need a sit down.

"), lat:"51.064877", lng: "-0.325545", image: "images/medium/Bench_6.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:100, title:("

There are lots of benches around the park if you need a sit down.

"), lat:"51.066574", lng: "-0.328034", image: "images/medium/Bench_5.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:99, title:("

There are lots of benches around the park if you need a sit down.

"), lat:"51.065914", lng: "-0.325845", image: "images/medium/Bench_4.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:98, title:("

There is so much to do and see this side of the park! Games to play, sports to try and stalls to browse through! This does mean that it can get quite busy.

"), lat:"51.067291", lng: "-0.325416", image: "images/medium/Crowded_b_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:97, title:("

Lots of people have come to enjoy the day and it can get a bit crowded here. Try walking to the pond if you need to go somewhere quieter.

"), lat:"51.066002", lng: "-0.324751", image: "images/medium/Crowded_b.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:96, title:("

There will be lots of photographers around taking pictures of the day. Smile! You might even spot yourself in the local paper.

"), lat:"51.066860", lng: "-0.325052", image: "images/medium/Photographers_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:95, title:("

There are lots of trees here so come to this spot if you need some shade from the sun.

"), lat:"51.066185", lng: "-0.324429", image: "images/medium/Shady_Spot_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:94, title:("

There are toilets in The Conservatory cafe, but are for customers only.

"), lat:"51.065105", lng: "-0.323560", image: "images/medium/Toilet_3.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:93, title:("

There are accessible toilets in Pavillions in the Park.

"), lat:"51.066509", lng: "-0.323367", image: "images/medium/Toilet_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:92, title:("

There are lots of Porta-Loo's here. Some are accessible and will fit a wheelchair!

"), lat:"51.065552", lng: "-0.326682", image: "images/medium/Toilet_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:91, title:("

There are not many people who gather this side of the park to watch the procession, so you can get a great view of all the action of you stand here!

"), lat:"51.068214", lng: "-0.327380", image: "images/medium/Good_View.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:90, title:("

Lots of people crowd here for the start of the carnival. It can get quite busy and noisy here.

"), lat:"51.065586", lng: "-0.324547", image: "images/medium/Noisey_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:89, title:("

The main stage is here. There are lots of people perfoming on stage throughout the day so can get quite noisy and busy.

"), lat:"51.066292", lng: "-0.324848", image: "images/medium/Noisey.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:88, title:("

There is also lots of free parking behind the Station.

"), lat:"51.064701", lng: "-0.321350", image: "images/medium/Parking_7.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:87, title:("

North Street Car Park is open as usual and has several disable spaces. Since it is a Sunday, parking is free!

"), lat:"51.064857", lng: "-0.323989", image: "images/medium/Parking_6.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:86, title:("

If you are finding it hard to find a space for your car, there will be an overflow car park that you can access through North Parade Car Park. This will be ideal if the weather is good but may be muddy if it is raining.

"), lat:"51.067944", lng: "-0.327981", image: "images/medium/Parking_5.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:85, title:("

The North Parade Car Park will be open as usual, and because it is a Sunday parking is FREE!

"), lat:"51.067116", lng: "-0.328785", image: "images/medium/Parking_4.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:84, title:("

Pavillions in the Park - Car Park has plenty of spaces and is very close to the park. And on a Sunday it s FREE parking!

"), lat:"51.066666", lng: "-0.322562", image: "images/medium/Parking_3.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:83, title:("

There will be plenty of stewards here at the information point, ready to help you with any queries you have about the event and to point you in the right direction!

"), lat:"51.066158", lng: "-0.325481", image: "images/medium/Steward.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:82, title:("

This is where the carnival procession ends...right back where it began!

"), lat:"51.065704", lng: "-0.324193", image: "images/medium/Finish.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:3, title:("

This is where it all starts. Lots of people gather here to get the first glimps of the parade so avoid this area if you want to stand somewhere a little more quiet!

"), lat:"51.065884", lng: "-0.323796", image: "images/medium/Start.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{}]; var currentTitle=""; if("true"=="true"){ addRoute(map); } for (var i=0;iClose X
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