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Accessible maps for carnivals and other outdoor events

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How to use the app

Our Mapfactor app makes mapping really simple and fun to do. Just follow this guide to help you get started!


Press the Mapfactor App button to start!  It will ask you if you allow the app to you use your current location. Say 'YES'! You won't see this screen again when you next use the app.


You will see 3 choices. You can take a photo, make a video or use an Easy Picture. What do you want to try first?


When you have taken your picture, video or chosen an Easy Picture, the app will ask you if you want to use it! If you are not happy with it, you can always 're-take' and have another go.


You will now be able to add some writing to your photo, video or Easy Picture. If you like you can skip this bit and leave it blank.


Well done! Your photo, video or Easy Picture has now been sent to the map! You can look at it by pressing the 'map' button at the bottom.


You now know how to start making a Mapfactor map. Go back to the first screen by pressing the 'record' button and start again to put more things onto your map ! EASY!


Remember to send your stuff into Map Factor HQ by clicking 'Send it in'.

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