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Accessible maps for carnivals and other outdoor events

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  • here is our map factor team

    Step 1

    Mapping with Mapfactor

    We put people together

  • people working together

    Step 2

    We work with you looking at your event and the maps you already use

  • maps are confusing

    Step 3

    We work out what is clear and what is confusing

  • using the mapfactor packs

    Step 4

    We get together to plan a new map together

  • use our mapfactor app

    Step 5

    We go on a map recce and plot what's important on the map using our Mapfactor App

  • taking photos

    Step 6

    We take photos of important things

  • plot points of interest

    Step 7

    We note down important landmarks

  • making podcasts

    Step 8

    We record our voices to put on the map

  • make your maps fully accessible

    Step 9

    We send these things to Mapfactor

  • we will make you a map

    Step 10

    Our mapmakers make you a map and share this with you

  • we will test your map

    Step 11

    We can work with you to see if the new map makes things easier to understand

  • update your map

    Step 12

    We look at ways in which you can make your map better for next time by collecting feedback from the people who attend your event. They can comment on the interactive map we have made for you as well as just use it to get around!

  • people enjoying doing mapfactor

    Step 13

    Mapfactor is about making friends and making a difference together

  • contact us

    Step 14

    Mapfactor is fun

    Get the Mapfactor today

    The Mapfactor Team is here to help, contact us today.

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