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Accessible maps for carnivals and other outdoor events

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Marcus and Richard mapping

About Us

We are Mapfactor - We make maps with Outdoor Arts people.  Our maps are easy to understand using easy pictures, photos, symbols and sounds too using the expertise of local disabled people. We do this so more people can take part.

a drawing of people looking at a map. they look confused

About You

You are Outdoor Arts people with projects that need people to take part in and enjoy.  You work hard to make great events happen often with very little money and sometimes leave it right until the last minute to make what you do more accessible. 


a drawing of an artist who is drawing a picture

Why Mapfactor?

Mapfactor is a new way to work on your event with disabled people: experts by experience: learning from each other, about what matters, what means something and you get a beautiful map too -  a map that everyone who comes to your event can use and enjoy.

  • maps are hard

    Step 1

    Why are maps so hard to understand?

    People with learning disabilities told us...

  • too much writing on maps

    Step 2

    Too much writing

    Not everyone can read

  • Step 3

    Too many lines

    Lines can make you dizzy

  • symbols are confusing

    Step 4

    What do things mean?

    Symbols are not always clear

  • Step 5


    A new way to make maps with disabled people

  • Step 6


    Mixing photos, pictures and sounds together...

  • Step 7

    Maps can make sense

    So everyone can get around

  • Step 8

    Get the Mapfactor

    Try it and see for yourself

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