{ place_id:187, title:("This is where the carnival parade ends. Ahhh, relax!!"), lat:"50.819695", lng: "-0.134883", image: "images/medium/0014_1.jpg", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iib84vc94Ic", type:"video" },{ place_id:186, title:("It's a bit narrow down here, just remember to take your time. People will have to slow down to get through but this just means you will have longer to look at the great costumes and listen to the brilliant music!"), lat:"50.820320", lng: "-0.139067", image: "images/medium/0028.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rIOQOWq0rCQ", type:"video" },{ place_id:185, title:("When you spot the the sea you will soon be heading to the end of the parade. There will be a steward here to help you cross the road then just turn left and head straight down the road."), lat:"50.819412", lng: "-0.138874", image: "images/medium/0029.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Kr4OxgahISM", type:"video" },{ place_id:184, title:("There are lots of places to watch the parade pass by from, but this is a really great spot!"), lat:"50.822605", lng: "-0.139904", image: "images/medium/0022.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=m2IvhKGeWHM", type:"video" },{ place_id:183, title:("Brighton usually has a lot of traffic but don't worry, some roads will be closed and the buses will not be running at all today"), lat:"50.822002", lng: "-0.139475", image: "images/medium/0026_1.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lCs-DgsaWL4", type:"video" },{ place_id:182, title:("This is where a man with a loud voice shouts and encourages you to continue with the parade."), lat:"50.823769", lng: "-0.139335", image: "images/medium/0023.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZnfOsk7t_Ic", type:"video" },{ place_id:181, title:("There is a library on Jubilee Street. Inside the library on the ground floor you will find an accessible toilet that you can use."), lat:"50.824833", lng: "-0.138273", image: "images/medium/0011.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6yylCHXCjkE", type:"video" },{ place_id:180, title:("Lots of people come and watch the parade. This place gets really crowded so you may wish to watch the parade from somewhere a bit quieter."), lat:"50.824467", lng: "-0.138885", image: "images/medium/0018.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nlFrqI14Aps", type:"video" },{ place_id:179, title:("The carnival starts here, when you leave Kensington Gardens and cross North Road."), lat:"50.825497", lng: "-0.138381", image: "images/medium/0013.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SdQc-mWT4n4", type:"video" },{ place_id:178, title:("If you are part of the procession look out for the red telephone boxes. You will need to turn right here and it will lead you to the start of the parade."), lat:"50.827179", lng: "-0.137243", image: "images/medium/0009.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-VpsOfSq8hM", type:"video" },{ place_id:177, title:("This is one of the streets where all the people who will be in the parade will line up, ready to walk the route to the seafront. It is very busy here so avoid the area if you are just here to watch the parade!"), lat:"50.828060", lng: "-0.136857", image: "images/medium/0005.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bvsIGIg_KBQ", type:"video" },{ place_id:176, title:("Sarah and Jamie will be talking you through the parade route and will point out useful things to remember if you are watching or taking part in the parade."), lat:"50.828190", lng: "-0.137812", image: "images/medium/0003.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EAS9yVa15Y4", type:"video" },{ place_id:175, title:("Jamie will be talking you through the parade route for the Children's Parade in Brighton."), lat:"50.828156", lng: "-0.137404", image: "images/medium/0001.JPG", media: "http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UiFKi6p4OHM", type:"video" },{ place_id:174, title:("

This is Madeira Drive. This is where the carnival ends. There are lots of people here watching and taking part.

"), lat:"50.819344", lng: "-0.134904", image: "images/medium/Madiera_Drive.jpg", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:173, title:("

Grand Junction Road will not be closed so cars will still be able to drive down this road. Don't worry - there will be friendly stewards here to help you cross the road. Also look out for bollards on the paths that may get in your way as you head to Madiera Drive to the finish!

"), lat:"50.819309", lng: "-0.138831", image: "images/medium/Grand_Junction_Road.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:172, title:("

There are lots of narrow parts down East Street so you may find that it takes longer for the procession to pass here.

"), lat:"50.819771", lng: "-0.139089", image: "images/medium/Narrow_end_at_East_St.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:171, title:("

East street also has lots of uneven bits of road so be careful where you walk.

"), lat:"50.821342", lng: "-0.139024", image: "images/medium/Hazard_A_East_St.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:170, title:("

There is a roundabout and traffic island at the junction of North Street and East Street. Anyone taking part in the procession will have to walk around the island!

"), lat:"50.821560", lng: "-0.138777", image: "images/medium/Traffic_island_at_North_St_and_East_St.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:169, title:("

There is a park off of New Road where you can find accessible toilets. This is also a nice quiet area where you can sit and relax.

"), lat:"50.823147", lng: "-0.139518", image: "images/medium/Park_at_New_Road.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:168, title:("

New Road is a nice wide road where you can see the procession pass by.

"), lat:"50.823444", lng: "-0.139518", image: "images/medium/New_Road.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:167, title:("

This is a good road to stand and watch the procession from. It does get busy here.

"), lat:"50.824123", lng: "-0.139185", image: "images/medium/Church_Street.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:166, title:("

There are accessible toilets in the Library on Jubilee Street.

"), lat:"50.824997", lng: "-0.138166", image: "images/medium/Toilets_at_Library.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:165, title:("

This is one of the main streets that you will travel down. There are lots of places to have a cup of tea and the library is on this street. There is also an area here that will have lots of people in it who are preparing for the Brighton Fringe Festival.

"), lat:"50.824833", lng: "-0.138595", image: "images/medium/Jubilee_Street.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:164, title:("

Gloucester Road is one of the roads where you will find the people who are taking part in the procession waiting and lining up, ready for the carnival to begin.

"), lat:"50.826786", lng: "-0.137737", image: "images/medium/Gloucester_Road.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:163, title:("

Pelham Square.

"), lat:"50.827644", lng: "-0.136793", image: "images/medium/Pelham_Square.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:162, title:("

This road leads you down to the line up for the carnival. Avoid this area if you are not part of the procession, it will be busy!

"), lat:"50.828072", lng: "-0.136836", image: "images/medium/Pelham_Street.JPG", media: "", type:"photo" },{ place_id:161, title:("

West Street.

"), lat:"50.822422", lng: "-0.144560", image: "images/medium/Parking_15.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:160, title:("

North Road.

"), lat:"50.825916", lng: "-0.141642", image: "images/medium/Parking_14.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:159, title:("

North Street.

"), lat:"50.824551", lng: "-0.141277", image: "images/medium/Parking_13.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:158, title:("

Russell Road.

"), lat:"50.821934", lng: "-0.146019", image: "images/medium/Parking_12.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:157, title:("

Black Lion Street.

"), lat:"50.820606", lng: "-0.141352", image: "images/medium/Parking_11.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:156, title:("

Pay and display along King's Road.

"), lat:"50.820148", lng: "-0.142704", image: "images/medium/Parking_10.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:155, title:("

Regency Square.

"), lat:"50.822491", lng: "-0.150515", image: "images/medium/Parking_9.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:154, title:("

Blackman Street.

"), lat:"50.828552", lng: "-0.138702", image: "images/medium/Parking_8.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:153, title:("

There is a large traffic island here that you will have to parade around if you are in the procession.

"), lat:"50.821575", lng: "-0.138756", image: "images/medium/Traffic_Island.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:152, title:("

There are lots of places to eat here. There are seats outside so you can watch the procession go past while you eat and have a drink.

"), lat:"50.821037", lng: "-0.139325", image: "images/medium/Food_and_Drink_3.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:151, title:("

There will be lots of people working to set up the Fringe Festival events here.

"), lat:"50.824589", lng: "-0.138359", image: "images/medium/Fringe_Set_Up_Area.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:150, title:("

There is a park here and you will find some cool shade here if you are feeling hot.

"), lat:"50.822922", lng: "-0.139529", image: "images/medium/Shady_Spot_3.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:149, title:("

This wide road turns into a narrow road. It may be a bit of a squeeze.

"), lat:"50.820435", lng: "-0.139174", image: "images/medium/Narrow_Road_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:148, title:("

This is where the carnival ends.

"), lat:"50.819298", lng: "-0.134432", image: "images/medium/Finish_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:147, title:("

There will be stewards here to stop the traffic and help you cross the busy road.

"), lat:"50.819386", lng: "-0.139239", image: "images/medium/Steward_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:146, title:("

There may be lots of seagulls about, especially if you have food. Be careful if you don't want to share your food.

"), lat:"50.823181", lng: "-0.139668", image: "images/medium/Seagulls_3.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:145, title:("

Watch out for lots of seagulls by the seafront.

"), lat:"50.819046", lng: "-0.137951", image: "images/medium/Seagulls_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:144, title:("

Lots of people are getting ready here so it will be quite noisy in these streets.

"), lat:"50.827579", lng: "-0.137887", image: "images/medium/Noisey_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:143, title:("

There are lots of people here, watching the carnival.

"), lat:"50.824211", lng: "-0.138831", image: "images/medium/Crowded_b_3.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:142, title:("

There are lots of people here getting ready for the carnival procession.

"), lat:"50.827312", lng: "-0.137672", image: "images/medium/Crowded_b_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:141, title:("

There is a good view of the carnival from here.

"), lat:"50.821255", lng: "-0.139217", image: "images/medium/Good_View_2.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:140, title:("

There is a good view of the carnival from here.

"), lat:"50.824116", lng: "-0.139185", image: "images/medium/Good_View_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:139, title:("

Watch your step here. The road is very uneven.

"), lat:"50.820793", lng: "-0.139357", image: "images/medium/Uneven_Road.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:138, title:("

This place can get quite windy.

"), lat:"50.822739", lng: "-0.140011", image: "images/medium/Windy_Area.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:137, title:("

The carnival starts here!

"), lat:"50.826813", lng: "-0.138123", image: "images/medium/Start_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:136, title:("

This is a good place to sit down and watch the carnival.

"), lat:"50.823296", lng: "-0.139271", image: "images/medium/Bench_7.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{ place_id:135, title:("

This is where we meet to get ready for the parade.

"), lat:"50.828167", lng: "-0.137576", image: "images/medium/meet3_1.jpg", media: "", type:"picture" },{}]; var currentTitle=""; if(""=="true"){ addRoute(map); } for (var i=0;iClose X
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