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Who are the Mapfactor Crew?

The Mapfactor crew are 4 learning disabled artists - 3 living in Horsham and 1 living in Guildford (aged 18-25).  They are the faces of Mapfactor.  From September they will meet every 2 months for leadership training and develop their live and digital artist commissions.The mapping crew will be supported  by  learning disabled artists and mappers Andy Kee and Richard West from the original BTP team. We will also work with artists from Carousel in Brighton who are really good with digital who will be invited to the meetings.

  • hannah dancing

    Step 1

    Hannah Sampson

    Hannah is a young learning disabled dancer with StopGAP 2 dance - naturally social media savvy and an excellent writer, presenter and developing dance artist. Hannah will be a strong advocate and ambassador for Mapfactor.

    She will also make a piece of work live and online supported by Siobhan Kerry.

  • darius

    Step 2

    Darius Hawkins

    Darius is a  photographer currently working at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham – naturally good with computers, his interest in portraiture is significant. Daruis will work with support worker artist/photographer Christina Law and Dave Packer from Sheepfilms


  • john drumming

    Step 3

    John Bird

    John is a young talented learning percussionist and heads up our BTP Samba Boom Tribe Bateria as Mestre. John took the lead filling in for our master mestre at the Olympic Park – he hasn’t looked back.  John will make a sonic percussion digital soundscape working with musician Adam Gellibrand, Boom Tribe and sonic artists programme

  • Camilla mapping

    Step 4

    Camilla Piddock

    Camilla is part of the Blue Hubble Group and is really good with  maps – She will develop  Nothing Concrete project with her eye for detail and driven from what she needs to access the big outdoors.

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